All year round, groups from local and national companies have found spending a day working in the garden a rewarding, beneficial and thought-provoking experience.

Effective teamwork is a vital requirement of every business. Few would dispute this yet so often, teams – caught up in tight deadlines, remote working conditions and ever-shifting schedules and priorities – rarely have the opportunity to meet up in person and interact directly with each other.

In a business world that demands even more of our time, it is extremely important to set technology aside and get out into nature to relish the simplicity of the soil and sky. The Community Market Garden can offer this to your team free of charge (although donations are welcome and go towards keeping the garden open and available for our service users).

Depending on the time of year, activities on offer may include: planting, digging, weeding, harvesting food crops, basic woodworking, building raised beds, textile activities, mosaic art pieces, bagging up produce for sale and more. We tailor activities so there is a range of different tasks from heavy to light – something for everyone, and encourage rotation so that everyone gets to try different things and have a memorable and enriching day.

Teams also enjoy the chance to make a difference to those less fortunate than themselves in a practical way. There are opportunities to work alongside our service users, most of whom are homeless or vulnerably-housed.

Please contact Rebecca Palmer by calling 01923 227 152 or by sending her an email if you are interested in a company day at the New Hope Community Market Garden.