Harvest 2014

At Harvest, we work with a number of other charities to collect donations of food and other necessities for the people we support.

This year, in order to pool our resources and work together we are sharing our donations with the Watford Foodbank, the Refugee Project, FEED, the Watford Women’s Centre, and Herts Young Homeless.

Each year we are overwhelmed with the generosity of our community – last year we received over £50,000 worth of food and other goods at Harvest. We also recorded a rendition of the Harvest Samba, which turned out to be quite successful. The song, sung in schools during Harvest Festival, was recorded by our staff and volunteers with the permission of Out Of the Ark Music, and has amassed over 53,000 views on YouTube so far!

Now Autumn has come again and we’re hoping to help even more people this year. We rely on donations to provide accommodation, support and development to people who are homeless or vulnerably housed. Through the generosity of your donations you can help to give those who have lost everything the food that they need, as well as  hope for the future. We can all be thankful for the gift of food this Harvest Festival, but giving is even more joyful than receiving.

Ian Masters