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Cait’s Story

“Being on the streets is really, really cold. On the streets, I had to wear half a dozen layers. I was so scared - I never felt safe. If I didn’t find any kind of cover, I would be sleeping right on the pavement.” 

Cait was staying with friends while trying to arrange her return to her family but that didn’t work out. Eventually there was an argument and she was kicked out of their house. Cait didn’t know where to go and ended up sleeping on the streets of Watford.

After visiting the Rough Sleeping Prevention Service, Cait was offered a space at the Assessment Beds.

“I had a bed, a roof, and somewhere to eat. It was so much better than rough sleeping.”

Cait now has a room at New Hope House and spends much of her time maintaining and improving the garden to make it a welcoming space for the other residents. She enjoys the community that the house offers and is hoping to move back in with a family member in the future.

“I really like it here. I get on with everyone and I can talk to staff whenever I like. New Hope has been brilliant and if it weren’t for them I’d still be sleeping on the street.”



Somewhere to Turn

When all doors are closed and you’re facing a night with no shelter, no warmth. When meals are rarely guaranteed and you wait, watching commuters and shoppers passing by, hoping that someone will notice. Where do you turn in your moment of chaos, your time of greatest need?

Together with New Hope, you can ensure that there will always be somewhere to turn. Together, we can change someone’s life and provide someone the sanctuary they need in their time of crisis.   

For £34.45 you could open the door for someone sleeping rough in Watford, give them warmth, comfort and a chance to move on from homelessness when they would otherwise spend the night outside. Consider a donation of £34.45, or as much as you can afford, and change someone’s life this Christmas.

Thank you.