Guests are invited to a formal dinner and pay for a three course meal but only receive soup and bread.


In the words of David Heward, Chairman of Community Services, Rotary Club of Hemel Hempstead, which held a frugal supper last spring:

'It was a really humbling experience for everyone there, I think. We were all dressed up for a formal dinner but eating only soup! It really makes you think about the contrast between our lifestyle – things we take for granted like being able to go out for a nice meal – and the lives of those who are so grateful just to have a bowl of soup. We raised £900 through the supper and it's for such a good cause – helping those people who need that bowl of soup to survive, and giving them much more – the chance to get back on their feet and have a "normal" life again.'


If you are part of a faith or community group, you may be able to hold a frugal supper in your meeting place. Alternatively, approach a local hotel and ask them to host. All that is left to be done is provide soup and bread for your guests and maybe some entertainment.

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