Important information regarding Harvest

Each year, New Hope asks the local community to take part in our Harvest appeal, collecting food donations for our services to use across the year. You may even have been a part of one yourself!

"I’m so grateful and lucky that I came to Watford and found New Hope. I have more awareness of my situation and every day I’m getting stronger than ever.” - Finn

Over the years, we have seen an incredible response and as a result of the generosity of the local community, we are able to provide people like Finn with the support they need to recover from the traumas of homelessness.  The donations we receive each year mean we are able to offer those most vulnerable in our town a safe place to sleep, food to eat and the professional help needed to turn their lives around.

Due to the increase in donations throughout the year as well as our continued struggle for storage, we had to reduce our harvest appeal. We have been incredibly fortunate to be in receipt of more regular fresh food donations and, as a result, our need for non-perishable food has changed slightly. As a charity, we are very conscious of waste and as a result made the decision to reduce the size of our harvest appeal.

We will be running a reduced harvest collection again this year and have contacted a few local schools and faith groups asking them to take part this year. Due to a slight increase in the numbers accessing the haven at the moment, we could still do with a bit more help. If you would be interested in supporting us this year, please do get in contact.

***Please note, we are limited with the amount of donations we can take, so this will be done on a first come first serve basis. If we are unable to take your donation, we will be more than happy to direct you to another organisation in the local area who also need help.***

If you would like to enquire about collecting for New Hope, please contact Sam from the fundraising team on 01923 227 132 or email



Harvest Samba

Don't forget about New Hope's version of the Harvest Samba which we made to be a resource for schools during the harvest season!