Freezing Conditions

With temperatures dropping at the moment, you may be wondering what we're doing to make sure people sleeping rough are kept warm and safe.

Well, the simple answer is extra beds. When the weather is really cold, New Hope runs the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) which consists of camp beds put up in our Haven Support Centre, which is then staffed overnight to ensure the safety of everyone staying there. We haven't had to run SWEP so far this winter, but we are ready to do so and expect to at the end of this week and over the weekend.

SWEP is fully funded, and during the Christmas period we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters in giving sleeping bags, blankets and socks - so much so that we now have plenty - thank you! If you would like to help us support rough sleepers in another way, you could donate £4.95 to our Haven Support Centre. This will pay for essentials such as a warm meal, a hot shower, clean clothes and a safe place to be in the day for one person. To donate £4.95, or whatever you feel able to give, please click here. Thank you.


Louise Broadbent