Ruislip Windmill Rangers' Christmas dinner

Ruislip Windmill Rangers, part of the senior section of Girlguiding UK, held their annual Christmas event in December 2015. Two of the current members of the group, aged 16 & 17, cooked a traditional Christmas dinner for 29 people! The guests at the meal included members (past and present), parents of members, leaders and Ranger supporters. After the meal there was an awards ceremony and party games.

Through this event, Ruislip Windmill Rangers raised £270.35 and chose to give the sum to New Hope because they felt that helping those who are homeless, and having a greater understanding of the problems caused by homelessness, is increasingly important in today's society.

We are so grateful to the Ruislip Windmilll Rangers for their support and thought the two members who cooked for 29 people deserved a special mention as it was such an amazing feat! Well done!

Nafisa Mantel