New Hope House turns 25!

On 14th October 1993, New Hope House was dedicated as our first permanent accommodation service, in partnership with the Salvation Army Housing Association. In the building of Mount Zion Chapel, space was made for 10 individuals to receive a bed and support each night and New Hope House was born. 480 residents later, New Hope House will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this weekend!

What was once a building set up for emergency relief, now plays a much deeper role in the lives of our service users. New Hope House is no longer the first step in a journey and has transitioned to offer service users in recovery a safe space to process and grow. While not all service users are processing addiction, there is an expectation to respect those who are. 

“It’s a place to rebuild” says Laura, the manager of New Hope House. “Our goal is to encourage positive risk taking, to encourage service users to take small steps to take their life back. We know we can’t control the world outside, but we can make sure we provide safety here when they come back.”

New Hope House has become a community, with service users taking ownership - of the house, their recovery and each other. People remain individuals, with no unhealthy dependence; there is a genuine care for other residents, looking out for and supporting each other where they can.

“Over the last 25 years we have seen some incredible stories come through New Hope House. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has played a part in its history. As we take time to reflect on Sunday, we’re incredibly excited to see the continued growth of New Hope House and are excited by what the future holds.” Rob Edmonds, Head of Services.

Joe Meehan