One Touch Tea


Over the last week, we have been thrilled to receive a brand new instant hot water tap for the Community Home, gifted to the residents by local business InSinkErator, based in Croxley Business Park.

Providing steaming hot water at the touch of a button, the 3 in 1 tap has really helped to modernise the kitchen and has already provided many hot drinks to those recovering from homelessness.

Insinkerator UK kindly donated and installed the tap unit with the intention of enhancing the homely atmosphere of the Community Home and improving the functionality of the kitchen. The new addition to the New Hope kitchen has already become part of the daily routine of the residents and volunteers - so much so that they are rarely using the kettle.

"With the kitchen in constant use by eight people, plus the staff and service users at the Community Market Garden, our kettles are constantly on. Having the new tap really saves on the life of the kettle; we’ve been through five in the last year!"

Although a new tap system is quite a simple revision to the kitchen, the value of convenience cannot be underestimated. With so many residents, staff and volunteers using the kitchen each day, Insinkerator UK have given a much needed upgrade to the facilities offered by the home and the working capacity at busy meal times.

While making a cup of coffee, one of our residents said ‘It’s the bee’s knees. It works perfectly and makes our day so much easier,’ while another said ‘I can make enough drinks for the whole house in one go. It’s so easy to make something really quickly.’

If your business would like to discuss ways in which they could support New Hope or improve the facilities offered to those experiencing homelessness, please contact Sam Weightman on 01923 227 132 or by emailing