A place where plants and people grow

Rebecca Palmer, Fundraising and Communications Manager, writes:

One of my favourite places in Watford is New Hope's Community Market Garden. I may arrive at this beautiful location feeling harried and stressed, but I always leave feeling peaceful and grateful.

This month (on Saturday 25 May) sees us open the garden gate to members of the public so that we can all enjoy the wonders of Watford's secret garden! There will be music, storytelling, refreshments, children's activiies and, of course, plants and produce!

There is a currently a culture of creativity at the garden as people are busy experimenting with music, upcycling and photography as well engaging with traditiional gardening activities.

At the moment we are repurposing old items and giving them new life by planting in them. Nature is endlessly resourceful, creating striking and vigorous beauty from the items we have cast off as having no further value. Come and see some examples of this at our open day, and how this parallels growth and recovery in the lives of the people who come to New Hope.
— Ian Bond, Community Market Garden Manager

Jack designed and built (with support from others) an enormous cage to protect our soft fruit. It's made from repurposed wood and covered by old scaffolding protection mesh.

I am building the netting to protect the fruit to help raise more money for the garden. The garden keeps my mind, body and soul going in the right direction.

Encouraged to use a camera again following a negative experience on a college photography course, Samer loved the photography workshop at the garden (ran by a current resident at New Hope).

I enjoyed taking pictures.The person who ran the session helped me pay attention to the details and colours and gave useful tips on how to take pictures, choice of objects, etc. He made it easy to understand.

The Community Market Garden is truly an amazing place where plants and people grow! I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 25 May.

Rebecca Palmer