Time to recharge

When was the last time you went on holiday? For people living in New Hope accommodation, this can be a difficult question to answer. Many have never had a holiday, for others time away with friends or family is a distant memory and, for some, it is painful to look back at happier times without a sense of loss and regret.

The annual New Hope holiday therefore has a greater significance than just a few days away. It is a time to feel valued, make new memories, build friendships and take steps forward.


Staff and residents are camping for four nights this month at Spring Meadow Farm in Berkhamsted (owned by the Faithworks Trust). Planned activities include: swimming, walking, bushcraft lessons, board games, films, a campfire and lots of laughter!

Annette, manager of the Community Home, who is leading the holiday said:

"Running the holiday isn't easy! It's tiring and stressful BUT the rewards are so worth it! Seeing the residents relaxing, having an amazing time, building friendships and relationships, and having a quality time.

"They encourage one another and support each other on their journeys of recovery

If you bought a cake or a cup of tea at the recent Community Market Garden Open Day, then you have helped fund this year's holiday - thank you! We're also grateful for a generous supporter who each year enjoys writing a cheque for 'treats' for everyone! We'd also like to say a big thank you to the Faithworks Trust and the Outdoor Group for their generosity and help in providing the venue, the tents and support!

Rebecca Palmer