Maintaining the Manse

Volunteers from one of our corporate partners, Sainsbury’s, are currently redecorating the Manse, one of New Hope’s move-on accommodations.

With the help of careful planning, the house is being completely rejuvenated; from bland magnolia to brightly coloured greens and yellow. This has bought a new energetic, welcoming and optimistic feel to the house.

Residents have been inspired by the work undertaken by Sainsbury’s volunteers and have as a result decided to begin maintaining their garden. The enthusiasm for redecoration shown by the Manse residents is spreading; New Hope House residents are now revamping their garden!

Many thanks for Sainsbury’s for helping inspire our residents to unearth their talents for gardening and design!

One of the residents who was keen to to get the renovation underway said “my back door in my bedroom opens into to the garden and I felt the overgrown garden was trying to get my attention. I decided to have a go to keep active. As I suffer from arthritis its good for me to be moving about and helpful working out with nature. I have have a passion for various aspects of gardening; keeping lawns, hedges and garden maintenance.”

Joe Meehan