A poem by Chris O'Bee

A beautiful spring evening, kindly folk gathering in unison,

To celebrate another year of hope, bringing help to the disillusioned.

Those with nowhere to call home,

Through misery and strife they roam. 

These generous souls, giving praise to the Lord,

With song and prayer, hearts in accord.

Homelessness doesn't distinguish between race, colour, creed,

At times so many of us find ourselves in need.

Also a time to remember those who have passed away,

A candle lit, their souls still burning bright this day.

A time to look ahead, we still have so much left to do,

That person sleeping rough could be me, it could be you.

"Moving on Up ! ", that is the theme,

Action still needed, no time to sit and dream.

But we can have faith, hope that when we meet again next year,

We can celebrate progress, our goal still clear.

When every soul who breathes has a place to call home,

Only then can we allow our thoughts to roam,

And savour a world we helped to create,

Where finally the power of love has overcome hate.

Nobody freezes on the coldest of nights,

But relaxes in a home surrounded by light.

The road ahead is still very long,

But as long as our will remains strong,

One fine day when we meet again,

We will celebrate an end to homelessness and a world filled with pain.



Written by Chris O'Bee -  22nd March 2018