Community Home - New Hope

64 Rickmansworth Road
WD18 7JA

01923 831923


5 bed accommodation for those willing and able to work towards sobriety from alcohol and drugs. Support plans arranged on a case by case basis. Shared and single rooms available. Up to 2 years.


Short term accommodation (up to 2 years) for individuals with substance misuse problems.

6 beds.

Key worker provision for every service user.

Cost: £32 per week.

Eligibility Criteria: applicants must be in need of support for alcohol and substance misuse and be willing to engage with a reduction/abstinence plan and have a clear motivation to change.

Referral Procedure: complete application form and referral form to be completed by any relevant support worker6

Betel UK

Various centres across UK. Please see website for more details.

note: the Watford branch has now closed. Please call the number below for current options.

01564 822356

A Christian organisation that runs residential alcohol and substance misuse recovery centres across the UK. They use a total abstinence approach. Minimum recommended stay: 12 months. Service users engage with meaningful work during their stay.


Community home for individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

No cost and food is provided to be prepared by tenants.

New tenants are provided with a mentor for additional support.

Service users are allocated work tasks between 9:00 and 5:30 once settled.

Cost: free to access.

Eligibility Criteria: individuals who have an alcohol or substance misuse problem and are willing to engage with a program of abstinence. Applicants should be willing to engage with the Christian ethos of the centre.

Referral Procedure: initial telephone interview is required. Once an applicant has been accepted, they will usually move in to a centre very quickly (usually within a few days).


36 Rickmansworth Road
WD18 7HT

01923 256189


11 bed Watford based hostel that provides support to those with drug and alcohol misuse problems. Male only. Medium to long term stay (usually up to one year).


11 beds at the main property.

9 beds between 2 move-on properties.

Provides accommodation for homeless men in the Watford area, particularly those with drug or alcohol problems.

Additional support available with securing council housing once tenants are ready to move on.

Cost: £29.25 per week.

Eligibility Criteria: men aged 25+  who have alcohol or drug misuse problems. Applicants need to be willing to engage with a recovery program.

Referral Procedure: support worker to fill out application form and email to