Langley House Trust

Multiple Locations across the UK.

03330 035 025

Langley House Trust is an innovative Christian charity, providing offender rehabilitation services across England.


Housing, including: hostels, shared houses and individual flats, private rental properties and care home facilities.

Floating support for people in private accommodation.

Back to work opportunities including referrals into educational establishments and training facilities.

Mental & physical health support.

Rehabilitation Programmes in and out of custody.

Cost: varies depending on service.

Eligibility Criteria: those who are at risk of offending or have offended.

Referral Procedure: complete application form, attach risk assessments and up-to-date parole reports and return to Langley House Trust, PO Box 6364, Coventry, CV6 9LL.

The Nehemiah Project

47 Tooting Bec Gardens
SW16 1RF

020 8773 7417


A registered Christian-based charity that works in South London with men recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, most of whom are either prisoners or ex-offenders.


3 properties in South London providing 17 bed spaces recovering from addiction or offending.

Practical and emotional support services to manage day-to-day practical issues, while at the same time, coping with staying off drugs and away from crime.

Support that focuses around finding employment, education and training, rebuilding family relationships and finding suitable and stable future accommodation .

Service users are allocated work tasks between 9:00 and 5:30 once settled.

Cost: varies dependant on service.

Eligibility Criteria: Males 18 and over who have a history of substance misuse or offending. Applicants must have completed a rehabilitation programme and have been abstinent for 4 weeks.

Referral Procedure: Complete application form below and then email or call 020 8773 7417.

Rehab Recovery

0800 0886686

An organisation that provides addiction treatment and healthcare advice for a wide range of different addiction and dependency problems. Offers high quality advice and referral services that match clients to the right variety of treatment.


Free telephone advice and helpline.

Addiction counselling.
Guidance on most appropriate treatment options.

Links and referrals to residential rehabilitation facilities.

Cost: free to call. Price of individual services varies.

Eligibility Criteria: individuals who have an alcohol or substance misuse problem and families and friends of those that do.

Referral Procedure: call 0800 0886686 24 hours a day.