Belated Christmas Gift

We have some exciting news from the New Hope office! On Monday the 9th of February, we received a belated Christmas present from Thrive Homes in the form of £300.


Thrive Homes is a housing association which owns and manages more than 4,000 properties in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Their vision is to provide high quality homes and services to enable the development of communities. Every year, instead of sending traditional Christmas cards, Thrive Homes staff members make collective donations to local charities of their choice. This year we are fortunate to be one of the charities that have been generously chosen.

This money isn’t just a gift to us, but to all the people that we support. It will enable us to help people who don’t have or are in danger of losing a home during this cold winter season. If you or someone you know are in this position, you can find out what Thrive Homes can do for you. If you want to keep the Christmas spirit alive over February and send us a donation, it’s never too late. Click here to do so. Thank you.

Ian Masters