Brick by brick

This year, New Hope is 25 years old. Can you believe it? To mark this milestone we’ve started a campaign to encourage more people to become Friends of New Hope.

The people we support need friends as much as anyone else. Those who are homeless or vulnerably housed need to know that there are people who care. That’s why we’ve launched Brick by Brick, the aim of which is to gain 25 x 25 new Friends. That’s just over 600, about as many people as we support each year. Becoming a friend of New Hope means donating a regular amount each month, but it also means more than that. It means having a direct influence on people’s lives.

The commitment of donating a regular amount every month gives us the security to be able to plan for the future, as the number of rough sleepers in Watford continues to increase. You can decide how much you donate, but here are some interesting comparisons:

  • With £7 a month, you could buy a coffee and a sandwich, or you could provide someone who’s homeless with food, a bed, and washing facilities for a night.
  • With £12 a month, you could buy a cinema ticket and a tub of popcorn, or you could give someone who sleeps rough an entire week of support.
  • With £30 a month, you could buy a 3 course meal at a nice restaurant, or you could prevent someone losing their home for a week.

Whether you give £1 or £100, what matters is doing what you can. Your Friends are the people you can depend on. We and our service users depend on you. As well as becoming a Friend, you can spread the word.

Become a Friend online here and download a form here. You can watch the progress of the Brick by Brick campaign here. Individually, we might not be able to do much. But together, brick by brick, we can make a lasting difference.

Ian Masters