Frugal Supper

On Friday 4th March, we held a Frugal Supper to raise money for our work with those who are homeless in Watford.

Guests were invited to a formal dinner but were only given a meal of soup and bread. The idea of the event was to highlight the contrast between the luxury of going out for a three-course meal, which many of us take for granted, and how grateful some are for a humble bowl of soup.

The fundraising event took place at the Haven Support Centre where New Hope has supported hundreds of service users over the years with hot meals and given them access to showers and laundry facilities. 

Entertainment was provided by wonderful local musicians, Luxford. At the end of the evening those who attended donated what they would usually expect to spend on a three-course meal. 

The total raised from the event was £365. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and to Authentic Catering for donating the soup.

If you are interested in running your own frugal supper, please click here for further details.


Nafisa Mantel