A Bed Instead


The hard stone step of a shop doorway, beneath the flickering lights of an underpass or struggling to sleep to the sounds of thundering trains. For some, this is the reality of the Christmas period. Secluded spots, barely shielded from the wind, rain or frost.

Give hope this Christmas, give a bed instead.

Watford, like many towns across the country, has a housing crisis. Affordable homes are scarce as wages lay stagnant. At an average of £618 a month, for those in receipt of housing benefit, even a room in a shared house is far beyond reach. With your support, New Hope continues to offer a hot meal and a warm bed to anyone new to rough sleeping – all without any cost to those in need.

At 6pm, New Hope opens the doors to the Assessment Beds service. Instead of facing another night alone and exposed to the elements, care is given to those in need by an expert team of support workers to ensure that instead of the street, those most vulnerable can return to a place of safety. Over the last year, almost everyone* who had received support at the Assessment Beds moved to more secure accommodation instead of finding themselves without a space to call their own. Unfortunately however, the personal support we provide cannot continue without your help.

It costs New Hope £34.45 to provide a bed, a hot meal, a warm shower and the intensive one-to-one support to ensure that everyone who accesses the Assessment Beds is given the best chance to avoid another night on the cold streets of our town. Consider donating £34.45 or whatever you can afford, to give a bed instead this year. Thank you.

*2016-17 – 85%

Joe Meehan