Peter's Story


Peter drank to cope with a high stress career; he was successful but reliance on alcohol was taking a heavy toll on his family life. When he was dismissed from his home, Peter had nowhere to go but out onto the streets.

“You can’t get a proper night’s sleep on the street. You’re always wary, always on your guard.”

Being homeless, sleeping outside or sometimes in churches, brought the realisation that life like this would kill him so Peter came to the Haven Support Centre where he was told that the Assessment Beds could give him a bed instead. The Assessment Beds gave him a bed for the first time in a year and staff helped him to process his benefit claims.

“A mattress itself was a luxury and it did exactly what it needed to do. There is nowhere else in Watford that offers what they do.”

Before long, Peter was offered a room at the Community Home where he could address his alcohol addiction with the support of staff, external organisations and his peers.

“It helped me to realise I was self-medicating. I’ve been given the space and support to become comfortable with myself and my situation. Nowhere else has managed to keep me sober, ever.”

Now free from addiction, Peter is looking towards a career in counselling for others experiencing homelessness and alcohol addiction.

“I’ve realised homelessness can happen to anyone. If I can even help one person realise there is a better way of life, that’s what I want to do.”

Consider donating £34.45 or whatever you can afford, to give others, like Peter, a bed instead this year. Thank you.

Joe Meehan